2018 Mait Baby Drill

2018 Mait Baby Drill

With Interlocking kelly bar 15m

PULLBACK/PULLDOWN SYSTEM CP Pullback/Pulldown Cylinder

Main Winch Pullback/Pulldown Force: 5,625 lbf

Secondary Winch Force: 2,250 lbs

Rotary Stroke: 1.31 Ft

Rotary Nominal Torque: 12,900 Lbsft (*With Double Motor)

Engine: YANMAR / 47.6 Hp

Max Diameter: 2.6 Ft

Max Depth: 59 Ft

Weight: 11,900 Lbs

✨ Only 3 ft wide and able to work under 8.2 ft clearance. Remote controlled, with removable power pack to meet any EPA restrictions

Hours: 1943