Delmag offers a variety of rotary drill rigs, and accessories to suit almost any job as well as accessories, kelly bars, kelly drilling drives, and more.

See below for a list of Delmagā€™s available rotary drilling rigs. If seeking a machine or piece of equipment that is not listed on our website, please reach out to us at to inquire about potential availability.

Delmag RH14

RH 14

The RH 14 can be used to install cased and non-cased piles, using the Kelly method. It is also possible to use the CFA auger system with this machine. The set-up / break-down times on the jobsite are short because the rotary head and the Kelly bar can stay on the machine for transport.

Delmag RH20

RH 20

Next to classic drilling methods like Kelly drilling or drilling with the CFA auger, it is possible to work with a VDW-system (in front of the wall) on this machine. Another merit of this machine is the transport possibility inclusive rotary head and 21 m long Kelly bar.

Delmag RH27

RH 27

The drill rig RH 27 was developed for drilling with or without casing and for part and full displacement augering. The rotary head is equipped with Docking-System for easy and quick set up. The drill rig RH 27 offers four short mast versions for working under bridges or power lines.

Delmag RH34

RH 34

The drilling rig RH 34 is mounted onto the ABI carrier. Next to classic drilling methods like Kelly drilling or drilling with the continuous, part or full displacement auger, it is also possible to work with a DELMAG diesel pile hammer for impacting on this machine.

Delmag RH38

RH 38

The RH 38 is DELMAG drill rig mounted onto the ABI carrier T100. Next to the Kelly method it is possible to use a CFA auger, part or full displacement tool, VDW-system and DDK-system on this machine.

Delmag RH40

RH 40

The RH 40 is a big machine for big tasks. This powerful machine is used to drill boreholes with large diameters. The torsionally stiff design perfectly absorbs forces and offers a high degree of stability.