2000 Wirth Pile Top Rig

2000 Wirth Pile Top Rig

Available 2000 Wirth Pile Top Rig (RCD) PBA 928/3000/300 ‼️

Refurbished to excellence

Engine: Deutz Diesel Engine

01 x Unit Pile Top Rig for Ø3.0m pile.

01 x Unit Retaining Device and Working Platform.

01 x Unit Power Swivel (Rotary Head) 280kNm max. torque.

01 x Unit Control Stand.

01 x unit Hydraulic Powerpack.

Pile top drill rigs (PBA) provide the most efficient solution for foundation drilling in mixed ground, boulders and hard rock. Our PBAs work on the reverse circulation drilling (RCD) method – a highly efficient drilling procedure. Wirth is the world market leader in RCD. Main Applications (Onshore and Offshore Foundation)

• Superstructures and buildings

• Anchoring of oil and gas platforms

• Marine structures, such as harbours, quay extensions, piers, jetties and berths.

• Bridges, piers and causeways

• Marine sewerage diffusers

• Dam rehabilitation

• Decommissioning of oil and gas platforms

FOB: Singapore