Comacchio manufactures an extensive list of equipment and machines used for foundations and ground improvement, geotechnics and exploration, and water well and geothermal work.

Please see below for some of Comacchio’s multipurpose drilling rigs and more. If seeking equipment, accessories or a machine that you do not find displayed in our inventory, please reach out to so that our sales representatives may assist you.

CH – Multipurpose Self-Erecting Piling Rigs

Multipurpose self-erecting piling rigs, designed for the construction of bored piles with kelly systems, CFA piles, large diameter micropiles, displacement piles, and soil mixing.

Comacchio CH150

CH 150

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CH 300

CH 320

CH 450

CH 650

CHF – CFA Rigs

Piling rigs designed for foundations construction and ground improvement works

mc300 cfa

CH 300 – CFA

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CH 450 – CFA/WPD

CH 450 – CFA

CHF 500


Limited Access Rigs 

Compact Drilling Rigs weighing between 3 and 8 tonnes, equipped with a separate hydraulic power pack (diesel and electric powered), designed to operate in low headroom and limited access sites.

MC 5 D

MC 5 D

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MC 2 D

MC 3 D 

MC 4 D

MC 5 D

MC 8 D 

Fully Articulated Multipurpose Rigs

Fully articulated drill rigs in a weight range from 3 to 30 tonnes offering incomparable versatility and high productivity. Built to cover the entire spectrum od deep foundations, earth retention and ground improvement applications, including micropiles, soil nails, anchors and jet grouting.

MC 28 HD

MC 28 HD

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MC 3 

MC 6 

MC 8 

MC 12 

MC 12 P

MC 14




MC 15

MC 15 P

MC 20

MC 20 A 

MC 22

MC 22 A 

MC 28 

MC 28 A HD

Vertical Multipurpose Rigs

Multipurpose rigs weighing between 4 and 40 tonnes, featuring simplified kinematics and designed to perform vertical or slightly inclined drilling. These drill rigs are particularly suitable for the installation of micropiles.

MC 40

MC 40

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MC 4

MC 6 V 

MC 10

MC 16

MC 21

MC 24

MC 30