The ABI Group consists of the brands ABI and DELMAG – the DELMAG Company, established in 1922, was acquired by ABI in 2000, and DELMAG Drilling Rigs are now being built in ABI’s factory in Niedernberg, Germany. This makes the ABI Group one of the worldwide market leaders in the production of civil engineering machines and offers in pile driving, drilling and pressing techniques an extensive program of machines, tools and attachments. Each of these brands stands for civil engineering machines of the highest technological level and quality.

ABI Mobilram

Pile Driving Rigs

Piling rigs offer increased productivity and versatility, while requiring a smaller crew to operate. The ABI Mobilram is a multi-purpose piling rig that is suited to a broad range of piling and drilling applications. It is a versatile, compact rig. This makes it an ideal machine for job sites and projects where driving, extracting piles or drilling may be required. In addition to the Mobilram leader masts, ABI also offers a wide range of attachments that can be mounted swiftly and safely. These attachments include varied options of vibrators, unique pile clamping systems, the ABI Hydropress pile pressing systems and hydraulic and diesel-powered impact hammers.

Telescopic Leader masts

Telescopic Leader Masts

Versatile, compact and powerful, ABI’s telescopic leader mast systems offer a wide range of sheet piling applications with compact foot-prints, quick mob and de-mob times, and ease of site access.

Fixed Leader Masts

Fixed Leader Masts

Mobilram fixed leader masts provide higher lateral and torsional mast stiffness. This permits the use of higher working loads and the delivery of greater torques and crowd/pull forces.