*Coming Soon* 4 & 6.5 Ton Silo with Screw Convayor Stock # ST-238

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Condition New
Year 2024


Condition New
Category Grout-Plants-Silos
Year 2024


1.Brief introduction

Our silo systems are widely used for storing seeds, flour, feed, cement, and chemicals. We provide soil foundation design and construction, as well as soil installation. Clients can also rely on our excellent after-sales service.

2.Applied ranges
Our silo systems are extensively used across various industries, such as cement building materials, grain processing and storage, feed, and environmental protection. Our silos are suitable for storing materials in various forms, including powder, granules, blocks, and liquids. Examples of materials stored in our silos include flour, starch, cement, seeds, grain, wood pellets, areca, feed, grease, brewing ingredients, alcohol, malt, and materials used in the cement industry, among others.
The vertical cement silo features a fully welded construction with height-adjustable support legs. It is designed for easily flowing materials such as Portland cement or lime, with a bulk density of 1.13 tonnes/mĀ³. The silo comes complete with a cement auger, a counterweight for the cement auger, a cone with an outlet flange, a top hatch, a grid for cement inlet, a cutter for large bags, a control unit, a set of electrical wiring and connections, and lifting devices, making it suitable for transportation with a forklift truck.

Full Specs

3m3 silo(2)

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