*Arriving Soon* 2024 ABI Mobilram TM22 Stock # ST-235

TM22+MRZV36VV-beam-instal (3)
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Condition New
Year 2024


Condition New
Category Piling-Machines
Year 2024


We like to introduce our New ABI Mobilram TM22 on order with an ETA June/July 2024 this summer. The unit will come with a MRZV VV Type Vibrator and a TMBA 2-1000 Twin-Mix head.


ABI MOBILRAM TM 22 The unit includes:



  • PARALLELOGRAM KINEMATICS in HD-version to adapt the unit
  • onto a carrier including MAIN BOOM with pins and other connecting components,
  • pair of MAIN BOOM HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS including safety valves
  • FOLDING DOWN, SLEWING and ADJUSTING DEVICE -reinforced version[1]including transport support on the substructure of the carrier
  • Mast Sluice Ratio +/- 95°
  • The rotation axis is hydraulically lockable (+ 90°, +45°, 0°, -90°).
  • hydraulically TELESCOPIC LEADER MAST with a total stroke 22m or 72 feet in patented “Mast-in-Mast” design



ABI MOBILRAM TM 22 BASE CARRIER SR 35 (series F) with special boom hinge in HD-version

  • DIESEL ENGINE Power package with CATERPILLAR diesel engine C-18
  • 470 kW / 630 HP at 1800 rpm (Emission standard according toEU Stage V / US EPA Tier 4f)
  • water cooled, diesel tank capacity approx. 870 l / content approx. 805 l
  • exhaust aftertreatment with diesel particulate filter (DPF), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC)
  • as well as SCR technology including DEF injection, with DEF-tank (content approx. 48 l),
  • electric system 24 V, 2 pcs. high efficient cold starting accumulators 180 Ah


Attachment Number One Included


MRZV VV type vibrator one can carry out following applications:


  • Installation and removal of steel piles such as sheet piles, H+I-beams, casings, Combi-walls and box piles
  • Installation of stone/gravel/aggregate piles for vertical drainage or ground improvement
  • Installation of rigid inclusions by in-situ concrete piles as bearing pile or ground improvement in various cross sections round, square or star shaped.
  • Installation of geotextile enclosed sand piles
  • Installation of vertical tie-down
  • Ground consolidation by driving and extracting an open casing.
  • Paper drain installations in tougher soil formations


For all these applications and methods, the MRZV VV type vibratory hammers offer the greatest possible adjustment to pile weight, soil conditions and thresholds for ground vibrations or noise emission.


Attachment Number Two Included


TMBA 2-10000 Twin-Mix head one can carry out:Other Options not included Single, Triple and Quad Mix Head Options.


  • Pairs of WSM columns either tangent or in secant version
  • Shoring wall/Retaining walls with or without reinforcement.
  • Ground improvement technique with lower cement content in various pattern and lay-outs.
  • Cut-off-wall installation to prevent seepage in levees and dikes/dams.
  • Foundation piles for temporary and permanent structures


Attachment Number three not included but an additional option



  • Cased CFA for single and secant-pile-wall installation
  • Very precise pre-augering for sheet pile or beam installations
  • Counter-rotating WSM, soils stabilisation treatment of peaty soils

And while locked with summarized torque:

  • CFA or ACP work
  • FDP Full displacement pile installation, either cylindrical or
  • threaded/helical version
  • large diameter WSM work
  • partial displacement pile installation/ flighted casing type.


Wet Speed-Mixing_Twinmix_EN_0316

Vibropile with reusable tip_EN

Vibropile with lost tipplate_EN

Piling with vibration_EN_0316