Leffer Auto CDA’s Stock # ST-123

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Leffer #2
Condition New
Year 2022


Condition New
Category Tooling
Year 2022
Price $0


E-Auto-Casing-Driver E-ADT BG18-40 (1000/920)(880/800) (750/670) VRE-s
Cardanic connection to the KDK Bauer BG18-40
Casing Pipe 1490mm long with sight holes
Guide and protection ring OD1420mm(1000), OD1300(880), OD 1170(750)
Reinforced female casing joint ring 1006/920,with 900-1050N/mm2 strength
Reinforced female casing joint ring 886/800,with 900-1050N/mm2 strength
Reinforced female casing joint ring 756/670,with 900-1050N/mm2 strength
4 pcs. U-plates to reinforce the groves
2 units quick locking bolts (half automatic for manual operation)
4 auto-locking-units VRE-S with electric drives installed in 4 housings
8 pcs. Proximity switches to monitor the position of the locking bolts
Visual and acoustic indication “locked / unlocked”
1 control unit with electronic control card
1 battery box with quick change accumulator
1 change accumulator
1 battery charger
1 radio-handled with indication of all operation modes
Radio transmission certified for USA and Canada

FOB: Aurora, ON