2024 Comacchio GEO305 * Arriving Soon *

Condition New
Year 2024


Condition New
Category Geothermal-Geotechnical-Drill-Rigs
Year 2024


The Comacchio GEO line drill rigs are designed as multipurpose units, able to meet the different requirements and needs related to geotechnical site investigation projects.

The GEO line includes a wide range of models installed on (steel or rubber) crawler tracks, ranging from lightweight and small footprint units ideally suited for small geotechnical site investigation and environmental drilling projects inside buildings or in areas of restricted space, heli-portable solutions, to heavy-duty machines with a weight class up to 22 tonnes. The flexible design of Comacchio GEO rigs and the use of a comprehensive choice of rotary equipment and on-board accessories ensures that each set-up incorporates the ability to perform multiple drilling types from the same rig. Comacchio GEO line rigs can adapt to virtually any rotary drilling application, as well as rotary percussion drilling techniques, in all geological formations. Moreover, our GEO rigs can be configured for Sonic drilling for ground investigations in challenging ground conditions. Typically, our geotechnical site investigation equipment is used to:

produce high quality core samples;
perform percussive sampling;
carry out in situ mechanical property testing (e.g. Standard Penetration Test – SPT or Direct Push Probing – DPP);
install borehole instrumentation for long-term monitoring of ground conditions;
perform deep wireline coring;
perform open hole drilling techniques, including solid or hollow stem augering.

A range of solutions can be offered to deal with operational limitations due to access, confined space, emission controls etc.

The larger units in the range can also be used to perform rotary drilling (with either direct or reverse mud circulation) and DTH drilling for water well construction projects and ground source heat pump systems (geothermal drilling).