2023 Tescar CF2.5Plus Stock # ST-247

Condition Used
Year 2023


Condition Used
Category Limited-Access-Drill-Rigs
Year 2023


Hydraulic piling rig CF2.5 PLUS

Equipped with a special mast divided into two telescopic sections with counter-slide device to lower the mast group down the ground and reach the minimum working position of 2800mm. The CF2.5 PLUS is equipped with a standard locking kelly bar for a depth of 15m, working under 3000mm. The mast can be provided with a third element that allows the use of a 20m locking kelly bar, working at a maximum height of 6300mm. With a minimum undercarriage width of 1920mm, the CF2.5 PLUS can move in very narrow places and limited areas. The undercarriage is equipped with rubber tracks to work easily on any surface.

spec sheet 1-2 Tescar CF2.5P