We offers the following services and products:

Foundation Drilling & Piling Equipment NEW & USED EQUIPMENT

1 Drilling Equipment for Piles, Caisson Wall, C-Cant Walls, Caissons, Auger Cast Piles, etc.
2 Drill Rigs for Tiebacks, Micro Piles, Soil Anchors, Rock Anchors, Tie Down Anchors, etc.
3 Drill Rigs for Dewatering, Jet Grouting, Geothermal, Down the Hole Hammer, etc.
4 Pile Driving Equipment such as Lead Systems.

Specialty Equipment Tooling
1 Cranes
2 Diaphram Wall
3 Slurry Wall
4 CFA-Continuous Flight Auger Machines
5 CSM-Cutter Soil Mixing Units
6 Mixing Plants & High Pressure Plants
7 Grout Plants
8 Desanders
9 Hydraulic and Rope Grabs
10 Mud Treatment Plants
11 Batching Plants
12 Geothermal Equipment
13 Jet Grouting
14 Silos
15 Vibros-Muller Brand
16 Hydraulic Cranes
17 Rotary Heads and Drifters
1 Augers
2 Cleanout Buckets
3 Core Barrels
4 Drill Steel
5 Casing-large and small diameter
6 Reamers
7 Twister Bars
8 Rock Teeth
9 Earth Teeth
10 Auger Pockets
11 Bits
12 Muck Buckets
13 Chopping Bits
14 Belling Tools
15 Continuous Flight Augers
16 Casing Oscillators
17 Tremie Pipes

Other Services By CCI

On site start up with technician for training on machine.
Spare parts in North America
Certified on the job trainers available. Ask for details

Caisson Consultant Inc. 125 Chiswick Cr. Aurora, ON, L4G 6P1 chris@caissonconsultant.com